Maccom Communications Ltd

Company Profile

Established in 2000, we are an Engineering services firm with specialty in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Experts in Electrical Installations, Rf installations, Shelter assembly and fibre optics for major players in the Engineering/Telecommunications space, we have an array of successful projects attesting our domain knowledge and technical know-how, and an impressive clientele list including household names like NITEL, NNPC, GLO and CELTEL. We look forward to extending our world to every of our clients.

We know the business and have no doubt that with the visionary leadership of our organization we will always be of immense service to our clients. We have spent over ten years establishing ourselves as a key player with a core competency being the execution of works (Electrical, Mechanical, telecommunication & Civil) in the Building services, Power and Telecommunications sector, done to the highest standards well above the statutory obligations each project demands. Our experience and impeccable record count for us and puts us at the apex of execution of successful project implementation.

We have very high caliber manpower forces – seasoned professionals in their chosen fields – a valued asset with a major input in our success story thus far. Safety and social responsibility are key elements of our work at every site, because we see ourselves as ambassadors of our clients and as such conduct our business to that standard. This means we insist on the use of the highest quality, state-of-the-art tools of trade (equipment, kit, signage et al). Our capability to mobilize personnel means we never get fazed at the scale of a project or terrain of a site. We ensure aesthetics, quality, efficiency and prompt services delivery on every project. 

In area of telecommunications services, we render the following:

Ø Construction and installation External line Plant.

Ø  Excavation, laying and back filling Optical fibre and Cable ducts.

Ø  Cabling solutions for most Networks.

Ø  Implementation of total Systems Integration including VSAT, Base Station, and Radio links

Ø   Inter- Exchange Link

Ø  Exchange To Sub

Ø  Seminars and consultancy.


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